Fortune Confirms Verizon iPhone


Fortune magazine today has joined the cavalcade of mainstream media outlets which have confirmed that a Verizon (s vz) iPhone (s aapl) is in fact a certainty. It’s coming in 2011, according to Fortune, which joins the New York Times (s nyt) and the Wall Street Journal with its confirmation and news of the early 2011 release date.

Fortune confirmed the rumor today in an article focused on Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg, but used the yet-to-be-released phone, and the impact it could have on Verizon as a company as a lead-in. Apple fans hungry for iPhone network options will want to direct their attention to the end of the first paragraph, where the magazine offers: “Fortune has confirmed that a Verizon iPhone will be released in early 2011.” It doesn’t mention a source or sources.

If there’s someone whispering in the ear of major players like the WSJ (s nws), the NYT and now Fortune, which is part of CNNMoney, then you can bet it’s not a rogue source crossing Jobs and risking firing or worse to do so. It’s a calculated leak designed to whet the appetite of American consumers, though when it comes to a Verizon iPhone, people are already famished enough.

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Oh god. If this materializes and assuming they’ll use CDMA; it’s one big step back for Apple.

CDMA is only use in the three adjacent countries in north america and a handful others around the world. I’m hoping Apple finds a workaround to let people use internet access while on a call, like borrowed GSM/UMTS access (like Kindle) when not near a WiFi network or while in movement.

Apple is all about user experience and removing such an useful part of it, kind of degrades the phone. Just my opinion. :)


i disagree. verizon customers, i being one of them, have never been able to use data and voice at the same time; so it’s not something we really need or require for the verizon iphone. sure it would be nice, but we don’t need it. personally i’ll just be happy for the iphone and having to stop carrying around both my ipod touch and droid phone. at&t is terrible, i had them before verizon, that’s why despite having the iphone, i havent switched back.


My point was/is that they’d be removing that functionality. Maybe it’s because you’ve never had data and voice at the same time (in an iPhone,) you have not felt the need or require, as you say, for it.

I’m in calls while tethering all the time and though you might point out that browsing the web and having a conversation shifts too much your attention, true; but what if you are downloading a big file and you receive a call? Or you’re in some kind of collaboration app?

Also, it’s been helpful -to me- using data while in a call for maps. Once you have have all this stuff in a such a easy to use phone, you grow accustomed to it and when they take it away, there’s the need.

Having the phone in CDMA without a data workaround doesn’t seem that appealing. Maybe in home data roaming, I don’t know. :)

BTW: I’m in Mexico so internet tethering is available, also the phone is in a two networks and can be bought unlocked.


Don’t you love when a non-device making journalist “confirms” the existence of a device without any real, share-able proof other than just saying “our sources confirm.” Gee, why didn’t I think of that and write an article? Maybe because I’m not a LIAR and don’t claim to have a “source” that has any knowledge of a device just because that’s what the general public wants to hear. There have been rumors of the iPhone coming to T-Mobile and Verizon every year since its release and not one shred of tangible proof other than alleged hearsay, which should be scrutinized by the so call journalists out there with the same intensity as a judge who would find real evidence in a case inadmissible because of a technicality like the evidence was retrieved without a warrant for seizure.

Gordon R Green

Or just one who’s embarrassed, say about confusing rouge and rogue?

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