10-Q Watch: Google Paid $179 Million In Cash For Social App Maker Slide

Slide.com screen grab

Google (NSDQ: GOOG) paid $179 million in cash to buy social app maker Slide in August, according to the company’s quarterly filing with the SEC. Previous reports put the price tag as high as $229 million. The actual price is a steep discount to the $550 million valuation put on the company when it raised $50 million in a fourth round of funding in January 2008.

The filing also puts a new price tag on Google’s acquisition spree to date. The company says it has now spent $626 million on 37 acquisitions during the first nine months of the year, on top of its purchases of Slide, AdMob, and On2, which add a cumulative $983 million to that figure.

The number of purchases is significantly more than had been previously reported. As of late August, for instance, we had counted 25 Google acquisitions over the entire previous year.


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