Oct. 28: What We’re Reading


It wasn’t a heavy news day aside from Microsoft’s big announcement, but the great discussion around the future of new technologies continues, including the bittersweet NoSQL proposition, avoiding cloud lock-in and building systems for real-time BI. It’s all about balance.

NoSQL Took Away the Relational Model and Gave Nothing Back (From High Scalability) This is a fair criticism of NoSQL databases, although not wholly on point. If the term really means “Not Only SQL,” then there’s room for multiple databases for multiple uses.

Microsoft Woos Toyota, Duels Amazon.com in Cloud Bet (From Bloomberg) And all this is before today’s new features. What Microsoft seems to get is that it can’t maintain its existing business like IBM does mainframes, but that it has to enable the transition.

How to Spot Cloud Service Provider Lock-in and Stay Nimble (From SearchCloudComputing) The state of cloud lock-in keeps evolving, so it’s wise for potential users to figure out what methods are available to avoid it. Open source, common platforms and data migration are all becoming fairly widespread.

Supercomputing and Business Intelligence Collide (From Silicon.com) I asked about this near the beginning of the year in relation to streaming web data. When everyone realizes the value of real-time analysis, will they build high-speed systems like those for algorithmic trading?

Lockheed Announces Turnkey Private Cloud for Public Agencies (From InformationWeek) This is critical for a few reasons, including that it’s yet another big win for VCE and the Vblock. Also, Lockheed is a member of the ODCA, which was announced yesterday: Will it push converged infrastructure?

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