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CDMA iPhone Order Suggests Imminent Verizon Launch

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For those waiting for the Apple(s aapl)/Verizon(s vz) wedding, today’s release of the iPad on that network could be seen as the engagement. But, how long until these companies finally join forces to deliver what we’ve all been waiting for: iPhone carrier choice in the U.S.?

As usual, we’ve been hearing more and more rumors, such as the Wall Street Journal’s (s nws) report earlier this month that the iPhone 4 would begin production before year’s end. But, as the Apple faithful know, when the rumors increase to a tidal wave, we’re getting close.

Now, we’re hearing that the long-awaited CDMA versions of the iPhone have already been ordered. A recent report from the Taiwan Economic News indicates that Hon Hai (Foxconn) and Pegatron are sharing the production burden evenly for a projected 15 million units each.

Those of you who’ve been holding out, whether from distrust of AT&T (s t) or desire to stay with Verizon, may get your wish before Apple’s annual iPhone hardware refresh. With Apple’s move away from AT&T (and GSM) exclusivity, you have to wonder how long it’ll be until the iPhone is sold simply as a standalone device, allowing the user to choose any provider.

UPDATE: As commenters have rightly pointed out, while the iPad is available for use with Verizon’s network, it requires a Verizon MiFi device and must connect using Wi-Fi. It can’t natively support Verizon 3G with its internal antenna, since that network is CDMA, not GSM.

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8 Responses to “CDMA iPhone Order Suggests Imminent Verizon Launch”

    • Yeah, but if you have a CDMA iPhone, you can’t use it when you travel overseas — as the rest of the world uses GSM. As bad as AT&T is, at least with my unlocked iPhone, I can use it when I go to Europe!

  1. Your story is incorrect.

    Verizon IS selling the iPad, but they’re selling it as a bundle (the 16GB WiFi-only version) with their MiFi portable wireless device.

    Verizon is NOT selling iPads that will work on their network natively, nor are they selling the 3G versions.

  2. The iPad isn’t really being released on the Verizon network, though. They are just selling the WiFi version of it and packaging it with the Verizon MiFi.

    I am hoping the rumors of a Verizon iPhone are true, though.