Comedy Central Mobile Goes To DC With Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert

Rally To Restore Sanity 4

Comedy Central is covering all the promo bases for the Rally To Restore Sanity and the March to Keep Fear Alive, including the ultimate accessory — a free iPhone app designed as a companion for Saturday’s DC field trip with Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart. The expected items are there — a *Google* Map, ways to connect Facebook or Twitter, a FAQ. It comes with a few extras, too:

the promise of a special message Saturday from their fearful/fearless leaders, Foursquare check ins for “fear” or for “sanity” (you don’t have to be in DC), a way to send pictures directly from the iPhone to a Rally stream, and embedded browser pages for donations to the Trust for the National Mall or DonorsChoose. (If you want to drive a right-thinking relative crazy, the photos get their own special Rally frames.)

For those who aren’t going but want to drop in virtually, Comedy Central is offering it online and on iPad, iPhone or Android 2.2 devices. The latter also should work for those on site without good sight lines.


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