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VIDEO: The New Volt Ad, “This Is America, Man”

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While the Nissan folks turned to cute animals and bear hugs for its ads to sell Nissan’s all-electric car the LEAF, GM is going for the more, um, patriotic angle. America is “the home of the highway,” and spontaneous acts of freedom, says GM’s ad over a strumming guitar, and shots of the Volt driving long stretches of highway. The message is that the Volt, a range-extended electric car, is a vehicle that doesn’t have a limited range like other electric cars, particularly the Nissan LEAF’s 100-mile range.

It’s pretty cheesy (and banks on the idea of range anxiety) but actually somewhat effective. GM plans to show the ad during the World Series starting this week (Go Giants!) The worst line: “This is America, man.” (and our own test drive of GM’s Volt below)

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