Oct. 27: What We’re Reading About Infrastructure


One of the big obstacles to cloud adoption is that most organizations have infrastructure in place, meaning they have to develop strategies to transition these environments rather than just building best-of-breed cloud environments. This was reinforced via an on-point post from James Urquhart, a survey of satisfied cloud users and a round of funding for Riptano, which is trying to sell users on a new database strategy.

‘Moving to’ Versus ‘Building for’ Cloud Computing (From CNET) This distinction is important for IT vendors, as well as consumers. Many cloud and SaaS providers are built for the cloud, whereas traditional vendors must move to the cloud. It’s not easy.

Survey: Majority of Cloud Adopters Report Cloud Solutions Are Better Than Their On-Premise Counterparts (From Appirio) This survey presents an interesting situation, in which organizations must realize that their cloud-adopting peers aren’t foolish, but still need to convince themselves to make the move.

Oracle’s Ellison Takes Aim at HP’s Apotheker; TomorrowNow Trial Jabs Escalate (From ZDNet) This is an interesting story, although it’s difficult to tell how this play out. Oracle and HP buried the Mark Hurd hatchet only, apparently, to go to war over Leo Apotheker.

The Next Efficiency Frontier: Underclocking (From Data Center Knowledge) The approaches to lowering server energy use keep advancing, and this one goes right to the core. If you’re running an app that doesn’t require max performance, why run the processor hot?

Riptano Raises $2.7 Million in Series A Funding (From Riptano) Obviously, this is good news for Riptano, and for the Cassandra project in general. NoSQL databases have been riding Big Data momentum, but will need some real commercial support to gain serious traction.

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