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Hellotxt for Android: A Mini-Review

Social networking is all the rage, because once you start using them you just can’t stop. The number of social networks we play in is large, and a way to interact with all of them in one place would be a big benefit. Enter hellotxt, a way to keep track of and interact with a boatload of social networks in one place. The hellotxt Android (s goog) app launched today, and since I have been using it for a while thanks to the folks at hellotxt I can share my thoughts.

Hellotxt works with not just the primary social networks, Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare, it also handles many more. The premise is the service pulls in all updates from all of the networks you’ve enabled, so you have a one-stop source for all of your social network updates. It’s not just about following your friends; hellotxt makes it easy to share your thoughts with all of the networks at once: a one update fits all, if you will.

The Android app is simple to install from the Android Market, and once you tell it which networks you want to follow (along with providing your access credentials), you’re ready to go. The main hellotxt screen has only four big icons–Post, Feeds, Outbox and Networks — which provide access to all functions of hellotxt. The Feeds function fires up a Twitter-like stream of updates, aggregated from all of the networks you’ve defined.

The Post function is where you share your information with your networks. Hitting the Post button opens up a big text entry area and fires up the onscreen keyboard for entry. The lower left corner of the entry area shows the icons for all of the networks to which you are about to post. Posts can be simple text, attached photos and even doodles drawn by hand on the screen. All posts can attach geolocation information if configured to do so.

The Outbox function simply shows all updates you’ve made to date, including image previews for easy recognition. The Networks function is the place to go to add or remove networks you want hellotxt to interact with. So many networks are supported that it takes a while to scroll through the list to see them all.

The app is fun to use and very easy, and is designed to take advantage of the Android interface to the fullest. It probably won’t replace your dedicated social network apps, but it’s a nice place to visit from time to time.

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