From Big Data to Big Bicycles: 5 Must-See GigaOM TV Videos

Rocktober was a big month for GigaOM TV. Journalists across our network shot a ton of fantastic videos, so much that you might have missed a couple. In case you did, here are some highlights:

IBM’s Jeff Jonas: What can tech companies learn from Vegas casinos? Understanding data in real-time is REAL important.

What does famed VC Fred Wilson like? “The intersection between reputation, identity and knowledge.” Find out why.

Ditch your car. The Electric Onya Cycle carries you, plus 100 lbs, for those short trips around town.

Netflix on Google TV, Apple TV and Roku. Which one is the best?

Stanford Prof. Clifford Nass: Multi-tasking makes your brain mushy. (You are not the exception.)

Tune into GigaOM TV all next month for even more awesome videos.