Yahoo Gives Aging Mail Another Upgrade


Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO), which had said a major revamp of Yahoo Mail was on the way, is now rolling out the new look. The company boasts that its e-mail service has been “rebuilt from the ground up” and is now two times faster than the previous version. New features include the ability to share status updates with friends on Twitter and Facebook directly from the inbox, as well as a way to watch videos and look at photos within Yahoo Mail, rather than have to head to another site.

It’s worth noting that this is the second major update to Yahoo Mail during Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz’s tenure. A year ago, the company introduced a less cluttered interface for Yahoo Mail featuring fewer ads, along with some new social functions, in an attempt to add some new energy to the aging product.

Bartz, however, has acknowledged that while Yahoo Mail is still ahead of number two player Hotmail in the U.S., engagement has fallen. It’s not clear if these latest changes are enough to turn that around. Bartz has blamed both a “pretty old product” as well as a broader change in consumer behavior — a move by consumers to social networks, instead e-mail, for short messages — for the drop off.



It’s SO annoying to see status updates and new profile pics when I’m just trying to check my email. It’s frustrating beyond belief and I’m very close to closing down my Yahoo email account.


I have to login to yahoo to check my facebook updates? I hate it already, who are they trying to fool?

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