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The Morning Lowdown 10.27.10

»  If you want a white iPhone, better be patient. Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) has experienced delays again and says the white version won’t ship until sometime next year. [Digital Daily]

»  P2p file-sharer LimeWire has been ordered to permanently shut down six months after a federal judge found it liable for copyright infringement on a “massive scale.” [WSJ]

»  Apple and European music streamer Spotify are still in the “on-again, off-again” stage of acquisition talks. [Techcrunch]

»  Sony (NYSE: SNE) could be coming out with a PlayStation Phone after all. [Engadget]

»  Set-top box data is not likely to be the new advertising currency for at least 2- to 3 more years, at least not on the national level, says the Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement. But that’s a different story on the local level. [Adweek]

»  Tech blog BoingBoing,is significantly scaling back from producing original daily videos to presenting ones from third parties. The site is finding traction with its evergreen videos and in new syndication outlets including on the in-flight service of Virigin America. []