Oct. 26: What We’re Reading About Infrastructure


It’s amazing how fast technology, or, more accurately, conceptions of technology evolve. Today, for example, we see how the idea of government clouds keeps changing, how ideas about server processors are shifting and how NoSQL doesn’t have to mean an abandonment of all previous tools after all.

Government and the Battle of the Clouds (From Gartner Blog) This post raises a fair question about the state of government cloud efforts. It’s not just providers offering different visions, but individual agencies as well.

ARM Still Raking It In, and Not Just in Phones (From The Register) We know at least a portion of that revenue comes from licenses to vendors pursuing ARM server chips and ARM-based servers. It’d be interesting to know what that number is now and watch how it grows.

Teradata and Karmasphere Partner to Provide a High-Speed On-Ramp to Big Data (From PRNewswire) This is an interesting partnership, although I don’t know what it adds to the fact that both companies already are Cloudera partners. If you’re using CDH, bi-directional flow shouldn’t be an issue.

NASA to Hold Auction for Automated Software Development Patents (From ZDNet) This is a neat idea for raising a little money. We’ve seen with OpenStack that NASA knows a thing or two about software development.

Marrying Memcached and NoSQL (From Nati Shalom’s blog) This illustrates how one can optimize even NoSQL deployments by implementing a new memcached strategy. As we’ve been seeing more of lately, using a new technology doesn’t mean abandoning the old.

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