YouTube Mash-Up Lets You Make Your Own MTV

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This is neat: automatically generates a playlist of 150 YouTube (s GOOG) music videos based on the choice of a single song, utilizing music matching technology from (s CBS) The YouTube mash-up bills this as a sort of instant MTV, (s VIA) with an emphasis on instant. Its song search is similar to Google Instant, meaning that you only need to type a few letters of the name of an artist to get a list of poplar songs to chose from. was built by Jonathan Bouman, who already brought us the confusingly similar named mash-up, which allows users to easily compile and share YouTube playlists. That site and its newest offspring share a lot of the same roots, so you can always get your 150 music recommendations from and then compile a personal playlist based on those results.

Bouman said that he has no intention of monetizing his mash-ups, partially due to the fact that local music licensing laws don’t allow him to do so without expensive contracts with rights holders (he’s based in the Netherlands). Being subject to licensing restrictions also means that his site can’t play some of YouTube’s most popular music videos. Some of the major record companies don’t allow embedding of their videos, which means that they can’t be used in mash-ups either.

However, Bouman still has a lot of ideas for new features. He told me in an email that he’s working on an improved UI, bidirectional data exchange with (aka scrobbling), optimization for TVs and mobile devices as well as HTML5 support for iPads and other Apple (s AAPL) devices.

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