Oct. 25: What We’re Reading About Infrastructure


Lest anybody forget, cloud computing is about a lot more than technology — it’s also about establishing and delivering upon an entirely new business model. This was reinforced today, with Ray Ozzie contemplating Microsoft’s role in the cloud, questions about HP’s cloud strategy, and further discussion of why AWS gets cloud pricing.

Dawn of a New Day (From Ray Ozzie’s blog) This is a very interesting memo from Ray Ozzie to the Microsoft team. Microsoft has evolved a lot since he came on board five years ago, but does it have what it takes to keep evolving at the required level?

HP Cloud Strategy? No So Much… (From CloudBzz) I have to agree with this assessment. HP has a lot of room for growth in its cloud strategy — a lot. Will it remain relatively still as IBM, CA, BMC and others keep progressing?

25 New IT Companies to Watch (From Computerworld) I like this list, which includes many companies we’ve covered before, as well as some new ones. A few of them could spark some major changes.

Free Isn’t the Half of It. AWS Pushes Cloud Economics Further (From the Forrester blog) I like the Tetris analogy — instance types : IaaS :: shapes : Tetris.  Sometimes have you to fill in the extra spaces to maximize profit and efficiency, which is where multiple pricing models comes into play.

Apptis Awarded Blanket Purchase Agreement from GSA to Provide Cloud IT Services (From San Francisco Chronicle) Apptis is AWS’s partner in the Apps.gov contract. An experienced government consultant/integrator, Apptis helped make EC2 FISMA-compliant, and also offers its own portal, FedCloud.com.

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Whilst the cost of cloud computing is attractive, I have some reservations regarding security. I’d be interested to hear what your readers think about this.

Basant | Techno-Pulse

Enjoyed reading ’25 New IT cos’. It looks like it only lists the names of US based start-ups. A few India based start-ups I think are eligible to be in the list viz. OrangeScape & Wolf Frameworks (for PaaS) & DeskAway (for SaaS)…

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