HTC Targets 8.5M Smartphones Next Quarter


Taking advantage of the incredible capacity for change in the smartphone market, Taiwan-based HTC is looking to entrench its position as a top smartphone maker, and is predicting it will ship 8.5 million handsets in the fourth quarter. HTC was the first handset manufacturer to jump onto the Android (s goog) platform, and it is repeating that strategy with Windows Phone 7 (s msft) by launching four handsets running the new OS.

The high target volume may be achievable, as HTC shipped 7 million handsets in the third quarter despite component shortages which affected popular Android phones. HTC will become the number three OEM behind Nokia (s NOK) and Apple (a aapl) if it reaches the predicted volume of handset shipments. The constant growth of Android plays in HTC’s favor for reaching this goal, but it’s not clear how well the public will accept Windows Phone 7 as it begins to hit the market.

HTC has ridden the popular Android train since the platform has exploded on the scene. Android has overtaken the popular Apple iPhone in the U. S., and HTC has seen phenomenal growth in sales as a result of the platform’s success.  The Android explosion has coincided with HTC’s promotional campaign to make its brand a household name, a campaign designed to separate its brand from the smartphone platforms it uses.

The company will be announcing its latest quarterly financial results this week, and is expected to predict a 20 percent growth for the next quarter. This growth would give HTC a ten percent market share, and see $3 billion in revenue.

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Lucian Armasu

HTC, I have some requests for you:

Build phones with stock Android. It’s faster and cheaper development for you, and people WANT it. Differentiate in other ways like through services, like you have
Continue building phones with aluminium cases. I can never go back to a plastic phone again. They seem terribly cheap now after using an aluminium case phone.
Please, PLEASE, offer more internal storage! This is a big reason why there aren’t many games or polished apps in the Android market right now. How can there be when people only have 200 MB of free space? So stop with the gimmicky “up to 32 GB SD storage” and offer some real internal storage – like at LEAST 8 GB. I’d rather have 2x or even 4x the amount you give with your SD cards as internal storage than a free SD card with high storage.
I’m starting to feel that your partnership with Qualcomm is keeping your phones behind in technology, especially when it comes to GPU performance, but now it seems you won’t even be the first with a dual core CPU because of them. Bring Nvidia’s Tegra to your phones (and tablets) ASAP!
Ask Sony or whoever is your display provider nowadays to stick together the display with the protective screen, like iPhone 4’s LCD has it.


HTC made a beautiful phone w/Nexus One. It had some flaws (balky controls, insufficient onboard memory, a screen you can’t read in sunlight), but it looked like a high-quality product.

Their subsequent efforts may be faster and bigger, but they have an unfinished, rushed look when it comes to industrial design. Samsung is doing better work now (fortunate for Android fans).

Spreading resources to include WinMo7 may be good for volumes, but I hope Android makers take design and build quality more seriously than they have so far. Android is getting good enough to deserve it, and the market needs competitors to Apple’s gorgeous products.

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