Screencast: New iPhoto and iMovie ’11 Features


iLife ’11 was announced on Wednesday at Apple’s (s aapl) press event. As it was immediately available (and not too expensive), I picked myself up a copy and got straight to checking out the new features. Here’s a peek at some of the suite’s most impressive new abilities.

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James Bishop

I don’t like the new photo email system in iPhoto 11 and am pissed that the change was not clearly described before I paid for it and screwed up my old system. One has no control over the sent images and cannot review and/or reuse the sent documents. Why didn’t Apple add the new features on top of what we already had so the option to use them was ours? I think the new iPhoto is several steps back in terms of utility. AND, where the HELL is the ‘original file’ function!?! THAT was very useful and is now gone. CHRIST!


New version is great but when you’re in full screen mode and then go into a not space (as in spaces) when you jump back to iPhoto it’s not in full screen again. It would be nice to see that fixed or if it’s not a bug, made so it stays in full screen mode when you jump around spaces. I have found trying to change a photo’s geo-location difficult, actually I mean impossible to do, but that may be me but having spent 10mins trying all combinations I was left beaten.

One thing that took me by surprised, you can no longer create Calendars, they’ve removed it. You can do great books but where’s calendars gone? Also, in Australia, I’m getting an error when trying to order cards, so I guess that’s because the supplier he not yet established. Apart from those two pretty disappointing features, it’s all good.

Also, iMovie would have been great to see in full screen mode too. If there was ever an application that needed full screen mode it’s iMovie.

Apple do things so well, not perfect but pretty close.


i WOULD NOT update to iLife 11.
i did, im SO SORRY i did.
its slow, little features that i used on regular basis are gone, (like show original file location, the ability to send 100 pics in any email add I SELECT, not JUST my .me acct, and it sends them as a fancy post card and in large format).
Its also screwed up the order my events were in, now events from 4 yrs ago are ahead of very recent imports.
over all – JUNK!


Do we know if they fixed the iphotos flickr sync’ing issues that were disastrous in iphoto ’09?

(also a as a rant i can’t believe they positioned full screen mode as a revolutionary feature)


How was this screencast created? With what software? Does something in iLife allow for the creation of screencasting?


Nothing is new in iWeb or iDVD.. they are the exact same version number as iLife ’09. They have been completely abandoned. It Sucks because I have a pretty extensive website built up over the years using iWeb.

I can’t believe they only updated 3 of the 5 apps, and called it good. It’s like iLife ’09 1/2

Boo Apple! iLife ’11 = Fail


I’m struggling to understand why you’re reviewing the same features which were demo’d during the keynote. If you’ve taken the time to buy the application, why aren’t you showing us some of the features which haven’t been reported yet? Whats new in iWeb, iDVD?


I’m sorry, but I see nothing in the “new” iphoto but unwanted eye candy. I would also add, that the demo I saw at Apple’s site of the cutesy slide show with the slides dangling on strings was almost enough to send me back 12 years to Microsoft.

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