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Oct. 22: What We’re Reading About Infrastructure

Any way you slice it, cloud providers and vendors are doing alright. Microsoft won its big NYC deal, rPath got $7 million, IBM is selling customers on mainframe clouds, pharma firms are snatching up cloud resources and Citrix’s cloud business is growing by the quarter.

Open Source & Cloud Apps Can Help Companies Negotiate Better Deals (From rand($thoughts))This raises a good point about whether Microsoft won a big cloud deal with NYC or lost $50 million. With Google always lurking in the shadows, a win is a win. Microsoft has to evolve at some point anyhow.

rPath Raises $7M for Cloud Computing Tech (From TechJournal South) rPath has been quietly making a name for itself for the past few years. It recently aligned with Eucalyptus and newScale to form a cloud-stack alliance, which could be its opportunity to shine.

One Virtual Machine per Fisherman: On IBM, Linux, Mainframe and the Cloud (From James Governor’s Monkchips) This is just an interesting story about IBM winning a new mainframe customer (that’s right, new) who’s using it to deliver a cloud service for fishermen. Certainly not the standard cloud use case.

Pharmas Lead in Enterprise Cloud Adoption (From Data Center Knowledge) This is something I’ve been reading in trade pubs for a while, so it’s good to see some vendor validation. Cloudkick might be a startup, but it has plenty of business from which to draw this conclusion.

Citrix Puffs Profits 64% with Cloudy Wares (From The Register) Good news for Citrix, which might become a thorn in VMware’s side faster than expected. Data center and cloud revenues were up 47 percent year-over-year.

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