The Morning Lowdown 10.22.10


Credit: Corbis / Patricia Curi

»  Tribune creditors are asking the company’s bankruptcy court judge for the right to sue Chairman Sam Zell and others who had a role in the $11.7 billion buyout of the newspaper publishing company that ended in bankruptcy. [NY Post]

»  Google (NSDQ: GOOG) TV has a major setback to contend with, as ABC (NYSE: DIS), CBS (NYSE: CBS) and NBC (NYSE: GE) are blocking TV programming on their websites from being viewable on the web TV service. [WSJ]

»  You know, maybe — make that a big maybe — the iPad can save established media outlets. A Nielsen survey of 5,000 tablet computer owners found that 63 percent have downloaded a paid app. Ah, but more than half of that cohort bought games and music; less than half bought news-related and mag apps, however. [Nielsen]

»  A month after the launch of the It Gets Better viral video campaign designed to combat bullying of gay youths has resulted in 10 million video views. That was enough to inspire Penguin USA’s Dutton to turn it into a book. [NYT]

»  The “radical restructuring” of USA Today means dismantling its universal editorial desk and a five-year effort at newsroom integration. [Poynter]

»  Perhaps you’ve seen the top 25 newspapers on Twitter; now here’s the top magazines in order of popularity on the microblogging service. [The Wrap]

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