Chatroulette Clone for FaceTime Mac Already Here

FaceTime for Mac only came out yesterday as a beta download from Apple (s aapl), but you can already get weird with it, Chatroulette style. A new app called Facelette, created by developer Zach Holman in about an hour, lets you chat randomly with strangers, on either your FaceTime-compatible iOS device or your Mac.

All it requires is your FaceTime ID, and it’ll connect you with random strangers. Take note of what’s going on here: You’re handing out your email or phone number for public dissemination. It’s probably a good idea to set up a separate account specifically for the purpose if you’re thinking about indulging. Luckily, Holman seems to have your privacy in mind, even if you don’t, so Facelette will render your ID inactive if you stop using it for two minutes. He also plans to purge inactive accounts regularly.

I doubt I’ll be trying this myself, since nothing about the Chatroulette experience seemed that appealing, but judging by the success of the original, something tells me more than a few of you will.

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