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Chart: How The 2011 Ad Forecasts Stack Up

The major prognosticators covering online ad spending are bullish about next year. Here’s why: Online ads are back to reaching new heights, as the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s latest figures showed. By the end of June, marketers had spent a record $12.1 billion in the U.S. on web ads, an 11.3 increase over the same period the year before. So how optimistic are the forecasters for next year? See the chart below. (Click to enlarge)

Additional reporting by David Kaplan

One Response to “Chart: How The 2011 Ad Forecasts Stack Up”

  1. Joe Black

    They are creating new history. Just start making up numbers too. Art of prophecy is difficult, very difficult in deed. People are good tools being fools and all. The gestapo tactics aren’t working guys. Look into suicide or look for a stacked broad and think up.