Patient Care via Sprint 4G Smartphone


Sprint (s s) has partnered with AirStrip Technologies to bring remote patient monitoring to the physician using Sprint 4G-capable smartphones. AirStrip produces a suite of monitoring apps that provide real-time access to hospital patient monitoring equipment, giving caregivers direct access to patient’s vital signs remotely. The system displays patient information on the doctor’s smartphone, allowing for instant analysis.

The Sprint system works on the two network smartphones that have 4G capability: the EVO 4G and the EPIC 4G. There’s an app for physicians in OB/GYN that provide fetal monitoring and tracking of labor during childbirth, an app for cardiologists that displays ECG information (both real-time and historical), and an app for critical care physicians. Patient information is not stored on the smartphone, so confidentiality is maintained at all times.

The system is deployed at the hospital level for access by staff physicians. The apps have received FDA approval and are HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant.

Image credit: Business Wire

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You don’t need 4G levels of bandwidth for simple data like this. It would work even over dialup. That’s just a publicity grab on the part of Sprint.

The applications themselves are nice.

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