Oct. 20: What We’re Reading About Infrastructure


After so much Big Data lately, it’s good to have a day where cloud computing takes center stage. We have NYC making a huge investment in Microsoft’s cloud offerings, a question about the role of infrastructure-level into in PaaS, Gartner praising the cloud and AWS expanding on its Hadoop product. OK, maybe a little Big Data slipped in there (and in SAP’s new appliance).

Lifting the Curtain on PaaS Cloud Infrastructure (Can You Handle the Truth?) (From William Vambenepe’s blog) Where to draw the line between complete abstraction and systems management is a great question. If providers can’t/won’t figure out the right balance, are third parties the answer (e.g., New Relic, Nimsoft)?

SAP Sets Release Date for HANA, its New In-memory Appliance (From SearchSAP.com) I just spoke with an SAP exec about this at TechEd, and I think it will be a rousing success. With Sybase IQ and HANA, SAP has a strong Big Data story to tell.

Gartner Identifies the Top 10 Strategic Technologies for 2011 (From Gartner) That Cloud Computing is No. 1 is no shocker, but I like to see Storage Class Memory and Fabric-Based Infrastructure (read “converged infrastructure?) on the list. The former is really getting popular.

Amazon Elastic MapReduce – Now Even Stretchier! (From the Amazon Web Services Blog) Almost to a person, everyone I talk to about Hadoop is impressed by the ease of AWS’s Hadoop offering. Enabling multi-step job flows with different resource levels for each makes it all the better.

New York City Gets on Microsoft’s Cloud (From SiliconANGLE) It’s win after win for Microsoft in the cloud. Ray Ozzie leaving won’t be good news for the cloud division, but maybe it can build up enough business in the meantime to mitigate the loss.

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