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New MacBook Air Unboxing Video

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Apple (s aapl) unveiled two new MacBook Air models today, and that 11-inch model is calling my name. The 13-inch model is nice too, and GigaOM has one in our HQ, those lucky devils. Janko Roettgers got the honors of unboxing this beauty, and this video of the new notebook shows how nice it is.

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10 Responses to “New MacBook Air Unboxing Video”

  1. Just some small clarifications.
    The external video port is not Mini DVI, but in fact the Apple invented Mini Display Port.
    The headphone port is probably like the rest of the updated MacBook line that adds the microphone port via headset, like the iPhone. No need to an external microphone port, but I guess you can get an adapter that splits them if you really need a separate microphone port.

    Also I wonder if the bezel that looks like a matte screen macBook Pro bezel is actually a glossy screen. The glossy macBook screen has a glossy black glass screen over the aluminum bezel. Also I wonder if the USB port on both sides has enough juice to power a 2Amp iPad.

    Anyone know of a site that has the old and new Air side by side?

  2. EV Engineer

    That 11″ form factor is the bees knees. I will be ordering soon. I wish it had the i3 processor but you can’t have everything especially at such an affordable price.

    If the Apple keeps lowering their prices like this soon the PC makers will feel the pressure for sure.

    Good job Steve !

    • If they put the faster processor in you could probably use the 11″ model as a George Foreman grill after a half hour of usage.

      I fell in love with the 12″ Powerbook and I’m counting the days until Amazon can me one of these 11″ beauties!

  3. Kevin, i would def have to agree on the 11″ calling my name too! so much that i had to pull the trigger and ordered up the 11′ 1.6Ghz, 4GB DDR3, 128GB SSD version. :)

    i loved my original air but didn’t love its video chipset; hopefully w/4GB of ram and the new nvidia chipset that won’t be an issue. :)

    are you getting a 11″ or 13″? that 11″ just seems to be the perfect iNetbook :)

  4. Kind of ironic for Jobs to trash netbooks all this time and now offer an 11″ Macbook for $999, Apple-tax and all. Thinness is expensive, granted, but the trade-offs aren’t worth it, and in my mind, the market for super-thin notebooks is becoming just a niche. Last-generation processor, fixed battery and non-user-replaceable storage aren’t exactly the traits that attract enthusiasts. But then Apple fanboys have always been style-oriented irrespective of price, rather than performance-per-dollar driven.

    Call it what you want, this 11″ Air is Apple’s answer to the Windows netbook. Either Jobs himself realized that the iPad was a grand flop at productivity, and needed to mate the iPad with a real computer/keyboard, or Apple wanted a slice of the 90-million-strong netbook market.

    For it’s size and weight, the 11″ Macbook Air is definitely a nice product, for an Apple netbook. Except that I can get more than twice the performance at half the price from AMD’s Nile platform, with a pile of added functionality thrown on top. I suppose there will be buyers for this, and if I was an OS X user, I would seriously look at it, but there’s better stuff out there today for the Windows camp, and much better processors coming in the next few months (Sandy Bridge).

    • imo as a previous macbook air user and a netbook user; you can’t compare a netbook to an Air in that the Air always wins.

      not sure if most realize this but you can easily run Windows on any mac computer; its called Boot Camp or even using VMWare Fusion or Parallels for a virtual windows setup.

      i’ve owned several netbooks and still get frustrated w/the keyboards and most importantly the touchpads.

      the touchpad on the Air alone makes me laugh at those who use the netbook argument. NETBOOK TOUCHPADS SUCK! thats all there is too it. The Touchpad is your main method of input and apple realizes this more than any pc maker out there. Sure you can use an external mouse but doesn’t that defeat the purpose of a small, netbook? add in backlit keyboard and the Air just one upped a ton of those $500 fullsized laptops (with crappy Celeron based cpus).

      just my usual .02 :)

      • I hear you. Trackpads and keyboards can be junk when it comes to netbooks, except on the few very good netbooks out there, and I’ve been lucky to get a hands-on with those. The multi-touch trackpad on the HP dm1z, along with it’s perfect keyboard layout, makes it the best netbook I’ve yet to find – and I didn’t even mention it’s superior performance.

        That said, I haven’t worried about trackpads at all for the last 6 years because I’ve been using a trackball. More recently, I migrated to a Logitech M570 wireless trackball (review up on my blog), making it the de-facto mobile accessory now for all my notebooks and netbooks.