LifeSize Introduces Modular HD Video Conferencing Bridge


Video conferencing company LifeSize today announced the LifeSize Bridge 2200, an HD video conferencing product. The Austin, Texas-based company (now a division of Logitech (s LOGI)) says because the 16-port product is modular, it should enable businesses using it to scale their video conferencing needs as required.

Traditional video conferencing bridges require companies to forecast their video conferencing needs well into the future, needing a large upfront investment and potentially resulting in unused capacity. LifeSize is hoping the new LifeSize Bridge’s flexibility will prove an attractive option for businesses who haven’t invested in HD video conferencing products previously because they were worried about biting off more than they could chew.

The LifeSize bridge is a high-end conferencing product that provides immersive HD conferencing (including symmetric video at 720p60 and 1080p30 and multiple codec support), sustained frame rates, up to 4 Mbps throughput, muti-party calls that don’t get downgraded, and a system that supports both on-demand and scheduled calls. Of course, quality like this doesn’t come cheaply; the LifeSize Bridge 2200 costs around $4,000 per port (the total cost for the 16-port product is $64,999). While that’s a considerable investment, it’s still a lower cost per port than any of LifeSize’s competitors (and much lower than the cost of comparable 1080p30/720p60 offerings).

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