IBM, HP Offer Clear Paths to the Cloud

Need consulting for your cloud efforts? IBM (s IBM) and HP (s HPQ) will hook you up with a flurry of new services and training programs. IBM is targeting cloud security, while HP is offering converged infrastructure training and certification. Both companies already offer numerous other programs around cloud readiness, so, individually, there’s nothing too groundbreaking here. However, the new programs do underscore serious differences between the cloud-in-a-box approach peddled by many startups and the pragmatic approaches of large vendors.

IBM’s new consulting services are Cloud Security Strategy Roadmap, Cloud Security Assessment and Applications Security Services for Cloud. In a nutshell, the new offerings do what they say: assess current or planned cloud environments and advise customers on the best methods to proceed. IBM also rolled out two new managed services: Managed Security Services Hosted Security Event and Log Management, and Managed Security Services Hosted Vulnerability Management. Like the consulting services, these new cloud-based services do about what their names suggest.

HP’s new services target personnel, perhaps those concerned their jobs are in danger as new IT architectures take shape. The ExpertONE program “trains professionals in the design, deployment and operation of open, standards-based networks and [c]onverged [i]nfrastructure.” What’s interesting is that ExpertONE trains clients in multi-vendor environments, a derivation from what might be expected given level of competition in that space. Taking it a step further, HP also is offering the ExpertONE Network Certification and the Master Accredited Systems Engineer Converged Infrastructure certification.

In many cases, these types of programs might represent the deciding factor for large enterprises looking to act on their cloud computing plans. While many startups are offering turnkey clouds that don’t outwardly address the larger IT environment, vendors like IBM and HP acknowledge that existing (and even new) environments are complex, and that risk-averse IT departments will appreciate a little handholding.

Image courtesy of Glyn Baker.

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