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Back to the Mac: The Executive Summary

Earlier today, Steve Jobs addressed the Mac faithful at an event focused on Apple (s aapl) computers and software. The announcements weren’t all that surprising, but it’s all good news for consumers and developers alike. The new Macbook Airs and a preview of OS X 10.7 stole the show.

On the software side, we got a sneak peak at the future of OS X. 10.7 Lion will bring with it some major interface changes, ones that borrow heavily from iOS, the mobile operating system used on the iPhone and iPad. We’ll also see the introduction of a Mac App Store within a few months, with the same 70/30 revenue split for developers in place at its iOS predecessor. Available today is a free FaceTime for Mac beta, as well as an updated iLife suite that really impresses.

As for hardware, Apple used the event to announce a brand new MacBook Air. Two, in fact; one sporting a 13.3-inch screen, like the previous model, and one with a smaller 11.6-inch display. Both do away entirely with hard drives, opting instead for flash memory storage, which allows for instant-on capabilities.

That’s it in a nutshell, but be sure to hop over to TheAppleBlog for our detailed coverage.

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5 Responses to “Back to the Mac: The Executive Summary”

  1. I love the size and battery life of the new MBA’s, but my big issue is the fact that processor they’re using is 2 years old or so. Justify it all you want, but at the end of the day, it’s an older CPU that’s just too slow to justify the price tag.

    • Jan, I wish you would look at the MacBook Air in a little bit of perspective. The MacBook Air is essentially a Netbook. It is super thin, super light, and portable portable. The technology used in these units is PERFECT for Netbooks. If you looked at existing netbooks, their processing power doesn’t even come close.

      If your concern really is performance, then you shouldn’t be eyeing the MacBook Air, or Netbooks in general. You need a MacBook Pro 13″ at the least.

      • I won’t disagree on the technology, but Apple is infamous for absolutely raping people on flash storage prices and for outdated technology. Case in point: the Macbook Pro 13″ you think would be a better fit but still runs a lowly, outdated Core 2 Duo. Or even the iPad where 16mb of additional flash storage costs the consumer $100. A 40gb SSD drive costs roughly $99, but Apple wants to charge me $100 for 16mb? I like my iPad, I like my Macbook, but in all seriousness, I don’t know how Apple justifies such obvious highway robbery.. except that consumers are predictably irrational and purchasing habits are highly emotional affairs filled with irrational justifications. Ahh, the good life hits it’s zenith when enjoying conspicuous consumption!

        I want the best of both worlds – size and performance and I don’t think that I should have to sacrifice either at the price point they’re demanding for the MBA.