The 7-Inch Tablet Everyone Is Waiting For Costs $600 From Verizon Wireless

Now that Apple’s Steve Jobs has thoroughly poo-pooed the idea of a 7-inch tablet, Verizon Wireless was bold enough to be the first carrier to announce pricing today for the Samsung Galaxy Tab at a whopping $600 per device. The price tag definitely doesn’t help, but Jobs’ comments from earlier this week are likely to sting more. He claimed users will need file down their fingertips with sandpaper in order to use a 7-inch display, and pointed out that the selection of apps on the device will be weak until Google (NSDQ: GOOG) releases a tablet-specific OS sometime next year.

The one thing the tab does have going for it is that it comes with Flash, making regular web content much easier to view on the device than an iPad. Additionally, it comes with Samsung’s own Media Hub, which offers a small selection of TV shows and movies for rental or purchase, and comes loaded with Verizon applications, like V Cast Music, VZ Navigator, and V Cast Video. It also has a Kindle app and Blockbuster (NYSE: BBI) on demand.

While the tablet has a 7-inch screen, it does fit nicely in the hand and in a purse — unlike the 9-inch iPad that can be a little cumbersome. It will be available Nov. 11 for $600. Other carriers are rumored to offer the device for as low as $400. The iPad starts at $499. Verizon will charge $20 a month for 1 GB of data on the device. Other plans will be available, as well.