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Reviews For Windows Phone 7 Are Out: Consensus Is Good First Attempt

The reviews are out for the upcoming slew of Windows Phone 7 devices that are ready to hit the market in November, and the key takeaway is this: Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) has built an attractive new platform, but it’s in its first iteration and therefore missing some of the key ingredients that people have come to expect from fully baked smartphones today. A round-up of the reviews after the jump…

WSJ’s Walt Mossberg: The UI is nice, but the phone is missing key features, like “copy and paste, visual voicemail, multitasking of third-party apps, and the ability to do video calling and to use the phone to connect other devices to the Internet.” The app market place is also a little light with only an expected 1,000 at launch. [Read more.]

PCMag’s Sascha Seagan: Seagan writes “buying into Windows Phone 7 is taking a gamble that Microsoft will sand away the rough edges quickly.” [Read more.]

SlashGear’s Vincent Nguyen: In his review of the Samsung Focus, he characterized the flow of the UI “satisfying, with menus, dialogs and apps all loading and transitioning quickly…It

3 Responses to “Reviews For Windows Phone 7 Are Out: Consensus Is Good First Attempt”

  1. 95% of users won’t care about missing features that some journalists harp on. The advantages far outweigh negatives. Search google for reviews. MS has a winner.

  2. A “good first attempt” isn’t good enough.

    It sounds like a little boy in school who got really bad grades, and is still getting bad grades, but made a slight improvement. Do we have lower expectations from Microsoft?

    Most of the reviews say that Windows Phone 7 is incomplete or unfinished. Would that not mean that it is half-baked? There are a lot of basic features that are missing from this first version. Copy/Paste, laptop tethering, Bluetooth file transfers, full multitasking not there.

    I think it would be best to avoid Windows Phone 7 and come back in about a year to see whether Microsoft has fixed it.