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France’s Newspaper Giveaway ‘Good Business’ For Publishers

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Yesterday, we reported how France is giving away 210,000 one-copy-per-week newspaper subscriptions to citizens around the country, in an intervention designed to help save the nation’s ailing news business.

Antoine de Tarle, president of the multi-local Ouest France, the most-read French newspaper, tells paidContent:UK: “It is a good business for Ouest France for it provides an access to young readers and some of them buy a subscription to the daily.

“However, some national newspapers like Le Monde are more successful than the regional newspapers (in the scheme) because they attract a wide public of students.”

Some of the 62 newspapers on offer to applicants in the Mon Journal Offert (My Complimentary Newspaper) programme bundle access to their paid websites. De Tarle: “Each newspaper has its practice for a subscription to the website.

For Ouest France, it is not included, but the free space of its website is very large.”

One Response to “France’s Newspaper Giveaway ‘Good Business’ For Publishers”

  1. milesgalliford

    This strategy is like trying to hold back the tide with a barrier made of sand.

    The move away from print newspapers is a fundamental shift in media consumption caused by changes in technology, consumer habits and access to news.

    A small temporary subsidy will have a small temporary impact.