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Bartz: ‘Do I Look Like A Wimp? I Am Here To Stay’

Asked by Fox Business about a “cacophony of analysts screaming and yelling about her grace period is over, is she going to go” Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) CEO Carol Bartz said this afternoon, “Do I look like a wimp? I am here to stay.” Bartz also said there’s no need for her to bring in a number two, as some have speculated she might be pressured to. Bottom line: Bartz is adamant that her tenure has put the company on the right track — and better times are ahead.

Bartz on whether she would step down, about two minutes in:

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Bartz’s thoughts on the company’s investment in Alibaba:

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Bartz on executive defections and the possibility of a “number two,” five minutes in:

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5 Responses to “Bartz: ‘Do I Look Like A Wimp? I Am Here To Stay’”

  1. Joe Black

    “To Labor is to Pray.” Buy Yahoo dot Comstock. Hit the mother lode miners. This is not investment advice, if you want that contact one of the dolts who sold you the sure thing now under water and worthless. Stay Alive and a little evil.

  2. Joe Black

    Two is company. Three is bad company so the numbers are looking up or at least the potential is there. We’d write our memoirs, except we all might go to jail. Don’t do anything stupid or anything like that and save your appetite for later. I’ll be bass fishing. Where’d we leave that AP-ass situation? Justice is getting paranoid again. Shop the better department stores foxes.

  3. Joe Black

    Between Post Fox and CB Radio Fox I can just barely keep up. The rats are still as free and acting as if they owned the place. Not much new to an old cat like me. I think we might of overdone this thing, we’ll be sure to lick em and stick em with your glue business. We do it black and blue and I’m feeling blue. It could go from X to XXX, so keep some moonshine on hand and your coppertone 45 in the beach bag girls. This could get hot. It could get wet and wet work is what I was trained for. Stay sealed and secure.

  4. Joe Black

    She’s got a lot to do and time to do it. Most analysts don’t know stock from livestock or a wimp from a pimp. It’s done gone and changed again and a woman’s work is never done. Keep working on it. Is the cable out or did you forget to pay the bill honey. She’s sooo forgetful.