The Odds: Pro Bookmakers Weigh In On Tomorrow’s Event

Tomorrow, Oct. 20, Apple (s aapl) will host its much-anticipated “Back to the Mac” media event. Many industry observers expect Apple CEO Steve Jobs to announce a new MacBook Air ultraportable computer, among other things. But what do those who make a living calculating odds think?

Bookmaker expert Mickey Richardson, CEO of, one of the largest sports odds-making sites in the world, and his team of experts have calculated the likelihood of what we might see at the event.

So what do the pros think will and won’t happen Wednesday?

An 11-inch version of Macbook Air
YES -750 88.5%
NO +150 40%

Updated iWork & iLife
YES -500 15%
NO +100 50%

FaceTime for iChat in new version of OS X
YES -750 88.5%
NO +150 40%

Next version of OS X will be called Lion
YES +150 40%
NO -750 88.5%

Note: For those unfamiliar with sports betting, the +/- Indicates the Return on the wager. The percentage is the likelihood that response will occur. For example: Betting on the candidate least likely to win would earn the most amount of money, should that happen.

Tune in tomorrow for TheAppleBlog’s full coverage.

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