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Oct. 19: What We’re Reading About Infrastructure

It’s a good time to be a Java developer, as illustrated by VMware’s new cloud-based development environment and Azul’s new elastic Java runtime and management software. Also, it’s good to be CSC: Huge customers (today, the State of California) are signing up for cloud collaboration software, and CSC always seems to be involved.

Apache Software Foundation’s President on Open Source and the Cloud (From OStatic) I take no issue with anything said here; Apache projects are the foundation of many web and cloud efforts. But, especially re: NoSQL, I wouldn’t discount the non-Apache products.

CSC Wins Cloud Services Contract for California (From CSC) More important story: Google got the City of Los Angeles, but Microsoft got the State of California. CSC played middleman in both deals.

IDC Prediction: SaaS Revenue Growth 6X Faster Than All Software (From CloudAve) And SaaS providers likely spend less money to achieve that revenue, as the resources required to deliver and sell SaaS are minimal compared with on-premise software. It’s a good racket to be in.

Azul Starts Peddling Zing Java Stack (From The Register) Azul sits a layer below application frameworks like Spring and acts as a seriously scalable Java runtime environment. Azul sells an 864-core appliance, but Zing is its cheaper, software-only offering.

VMware Targets Developers with Code2Cloud App Lifecycle Tools (From MarketWire) VMware’s CIO-pleasing virtualization products get all the attention, but SpringSource’s developer-centric approach could end up being equally as important. The cloud has been a bottom-up success thus far.

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