Cord Cutters: NewTeeVee’s First Web Series!

We here at NewTeeVee love talking about the world of cord-cutting, because it’s where everything we’re passionate about — the content that’s available, the business of distributing it, the technology that makes it possible — converges. And that’s why we’re taking our passion for this very real phenomenon to the next level with the launch of Cord Cutters, our first original web series.

A GigaOM TV production powered by NewTeeVee expertise, Cord Cutters will offer you a look every week at the exciting new gadgets and important companies emerging to help you replace your cable subscription, as well as a spotlight on the great content available with or without Comcast (s CMCSA) or Time Warner Cable. (s TWC)

To kick things off today, Janko demoes the new Apple TV, which he finds clean but limited, while Ryan sits down with Clicker CEO Jim Lanzone to discuss the site’s efforts to catalog all content currently available online. Finally, I recommend the series White Collar Brawler, a reality show about two guys who ditch their office jobs to pursue a boxing career.

We’re new at this game, so any suggestions are welcome — also, we really want to hear your stories and see your set-ups for viewing content without the use of a cable box, so that we can feature them in future episodes! You can reach us directly via email or our new Twitter account @CordCutters.

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