As Handset Makers Go Android, Top Symbian Exec Goes Away


The Symbian Foundation today announced in an email that Lee Williams has stepped down from his executive director role “for personal reasons” and will be replaced immediately by Tim Holbrow, the foundation’s CFO. Williams may have his own reasons for leaving, but there are a number of other business reasons that could explain such an action. Before we get into those, it might be worth reviewing this brief GigaOM video interview with Williams from a year or so ago.

After watching the interview again, a few big misses seem to jump out:

In the year since we spoke with Williams, it’s become clear that Android has the momentum in the market, and Symbian just doesn’t yet have the firepower to challenge that. If you don’t believe me, just ask the companies mentioned in the interview that have either dropped the platform or never even used it in the first place. They’re still around, still making money and still embracing Android.

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“That leaves Symbian on only one major handset maker”

I think it’s worth pointing out that that handset maker is bigger than all other “major” handset makers combined. Samsung and SE probably constituted less than 10% of Symbian-phones last year.


Fun to watch CEOs blame everyone but themselves.

Mr. Williams today, and Jobs yesterday ( where he used the word “Android” more than any other during an *Apple* earnings call! ) both want the stockholders to think there is an evil Android conspiracy?

Here’s the horrible boogie man, right here:

…seems pretty harmless to me.

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