Snap Screen Images With ShootMe for Android

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Capturing a screen image on a smartphone may not be something you often want to do, but it’s a handy capability when sharing a screen capture is needed. Android has a glaring omission: there’s no way to take screen captures to share with others baked into the OS. The free ShootMe app fills this void; it’s a simple utility that snaps the screen with a simple shake of the phone.

ShootMe is available in the Android Market as a free download, and once installed, it allows capturing the screen no matter what program is running on the phone. Since some apps, notably games, take control over the phone hardware buttons, the ShootMe developer made a smart decision to use the accelerometer found in most Android phones to trigger the screen capture. A simple shake of the phone generates the capture, which is signaled by the sound of a camera shutter. The captured image is saved on the phone in a ShootMe folder, so all images are grouped together in any photo viewing app that is used.

While taking screen snaps is something that app reviewers do a lot, once ShootMe is running, the ease of taking images opens up new uses for all Android phone owners. When I run across something in the phone browser I want to share, rather than copy/paste a link in an email, I simply send a screen snap. It’s also a good way to share things on Twitter, as most Twitter apps have a simple way to tweet an image.

ShootMe works on the HTC EVO 4G, and users are reporting successful usage on other phones running Android 2.2.

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