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Oct. 18: What We’re Reading About Infrastructure

Still think the future isn’t about scaling out? With EMC in talks to buy Isilon and news of Dell’s DCS business only getting better, it’s all about lots and lots of cheap boxes. And speaking of the future, will all the post-M&A integration leave “supervendors” hamstrung as IT passes them by?

Dell’s DCS is a Big Shiny Server Star (From The Register) This is a great writeup of why no one will dethrone Dell as the webscale server king, and illustrates why other server makers maybe should be getting nervous. If scale-out wins over scale-up, Dell wins.

What’s the Problem with Cloud Security? There’s Too Much of It… (From Rational Survivability) Furthermore, cloud contracts typically hold the user responsible (or, at least, the provider not liable) for whatever goes wrong. So, unless something changes, users are the hook for figuring out what to do.

VMware: Profit, Revenue Up for ‘Cloud Computing’ Software Maker (From the San Jose Mercury News) Speaking of VMware, it’s still making plenty of money, which means any potential suitor might want to buy fast before its price goes higher. Of course, buying VMware means buying a whole lotta competition, too.

EMC in Exclusive Talks to Buy Isilon (From the New York Post) This is just a rumor at present, but I’m inclined to believe. NetApp has ByCast, HP has Ibrix, and EMC has nothing. That can’t last forever.

IT Supervendors: They Can Buy Innovation, but Can’t Maintain It (From ZDNet) This is a particularly relevant discussion now, when large vendors are buying up companies like crazy. Will they be busy integrating while the world passes them by?

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Image courtesy of Dell.