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First Look: Netflix Wii Streaming Without A Disc

Netflix (s NFLX) surprised everyone today by enabling access to its Watch Instantly online catalog without a disc on the Wii. The new implementation also uses a revamped UI, which includes the ability to search for titles, browse the entire catalog and add movies and TV show episodes to your Instant Queue. Check out the video below for a first look at what’s new:

Wii users may want to run a system update first, after which the Netflix app should be available through the Wii shop channel. It can be downloaded either onto an SD card or the Wii’s internal memory.

Homebrew hackers have been toying with a disc-less implementation of the Wii for months, and some sites have in fact been distributing the new software as a download in recent weeks. However, that disc image only ran on modded Wiis, whereas the official implementation obviously is available to everyone.

We first reported about the new interface in September.

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