BlackBerry Style: New OS in a Flip Form


Research in Motion (s rimm) is set to release the second BlackBerry running its new operating system. The BlackBerry Style will be hitting Sprint (s s) on Halloween and has a flip form aimed squarely at the consumer. The flip cover lets RIM put two screens on the Style: a small display on the outside of the phone that’s visible when closed, and a larger (2.7-inch) screen that’s exposed when the handset is open. Sprint will be offering the Style for $99.99 (after a $100 mail-in rebate) for customers signing a two-year contract.

The Style will ship running BlackBerry 6, the newest version of the OS recently released by RIM. BlackBerry 6 has only been available on the BlackBerry Torch with AT&T prior to the Style’s release, and has received mixed reviews. As our own Kevin Tofel summed up regarding his experience with BlackBerry 6 on the Torch: “Current BlackBerry users will be happy with a move to the Torch while few non-BlackBerry users will make the jump”.

The Style will be available in two colors (gray and purple) and is designed to appeal to BlackBerry fans who prefer the old flip cover format for the phone. The handset appears a bit chubby due to the wide keyboard that’s exposed when the cover is flipped open. The appeal to this design is the small display on the lid of the Style, which provides instant information about calls and messaging without opening the phone; the larger touchscreen is used for operation of the phone.

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