AT&T U-verse Expanding to Android


AT&T (s t) has expanded access to the U-verse TV service to Android (s goog) phones with the release of the AT&T U-verse Mobile app. The app is available in the Android Market and supports the Samsung Captivate, HTC Aria, Motorola (s mot) Bravo and Flipside. U-verse Mobile makes it possible to browse the TV guide and manage the home DVR recordings from the smartphone; subscribers with a qualified plan can also download and watch TV programs on the phone over a Wi-Fi connection.

The Android app follows the release of the U-verse app on the iPhone back in August, and AT&T’s recent announcement of support for the Windows Phone 7 (s msft) platform when phones hit the market. The carrier is heavily promoting mobile interaction with the home U-verse service, effectively making the phone the third screen for customers. U-verse is tailor-made for place-shifting content to the time and location of the customer’s choosing, and extending it to the smartphone extends the service benefits to outside the home. All U-verse mobile phone apps are free for U-verse customers.

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Jeana D

I could not fnd the app either. I was duped into believing that the “AT&T” portion was referring to the AT&A uverse subsciption, not the cell phone carrier. I had u-vers previously and switched to comcast because I have a rather close large family (5 kids and 6 grandkids), and there are probbly @ least 4-5 TVs being watched at the same time. Well, with U-verse you can only watch 3 TVs independantly. The 4th and 5th TV has to watch whatever 1 of the other TVs is watching or a recorded program. Representatives did not disclose that info. prior to subscribing me to u-verse.So I switched cable companies. But alas, I was dissappointed by AT&T yet again. After they reassured me that that glitched had been fixed,and that all my Tmobile android phones could get this app on their phones without a problem and promised to send my family a Visa gift card, I agreed to switch back to u-verse. I CAN NOT GET THIS APPLICATION and AFTER THE 3RD TV, SUBSEQUENT TVs STILL HAVE TO WATCH RECORDED TV OR WHATEVER ELSE 1 OF THE 1ST. 3 TVs IS WATCHING!!! SO I AM STCK WITH THIS CRAPPY, MANIPULATIVE AT&T U-VERSE AGAIN FOR 12 MONTHS @ $200 A MONTH!! AND i CAN NOT WAIT TO CHANGE PROVIDERS AND I WLL NEVERBE PERSUADED BY AT&T AGAIN!!!!

John Wall

I like the u-verse service, but will likely change if they lock me into an AT&T service to access capabilities. Comcast is starting to become competitive, and I’m reasonably certain others will be jumping into the market with Wi-Max and other services.

Hopefully, AT&T gets the message – especially for the Android market which likely went Android because they couldn’t stand the lock-in’s imposed by Apple and/or need to have a wireless phone service that works where they actually use their phones…


Can’t find the app in the market. Must be for at&t wireless customers only. I have uverse TV…too bad they discriminate based on which carrier your using.

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