AT&T U-verse Expanding to Android

U-verse thumb

AT&T has expanded access to the U-verse TV service to Android phones with the release of the AT&T U-verse Mobile app. The app is available in the Android Market and supports the Samsung Captivate, HTC Aria, Motorola Bravo and Flipside. U-verse Mobile makes it possible to browse the TV guide and manage the home DVR recordings from the smartphone; subscribers with a qualified plan can also download and watch TV programs on the phone over a Wi-Fi connection.

The Android app follows the release of the U-verse app on the iPhone back in August, and AT&T’s recent announcement of support for the Windows Phone 7 platform when phones hit the market. The carrier is heavily promoting mobile interaction with the home U-verse service, effectively making the phone the third screen for customers. U-verse is tailor-made for place-shifting content to the time and location of the customer’s choosing, and extending it to the smartphone extends the service benefits to outside the home. All U-verse mobile phone apps are free for U-verse customers.

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