Mobile Content Bits: Angry Birds; HP Hires Nokia Exec; Sony Ericsson Woes

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Credit: Rovio

Angry Birds’ One Million Android downloads: After only being available for one day on the Android platform, Rovio Mobile has announced that its Angry Birds game that did phenomenally well on the iPhone, hit more than one million downloads. Initially, the game was only available on GetJar, causing pent up demand to crash the app store’s site. It also helps that for now the game is free and ad-supported. [BGR and Mobile Entertainment]

HP (NYSE: HPQ) hires ex-Nokia (NYSE: NOK) exec: Hewlett-Packard has hired Ari Jaaksi, a software executive from Nokia (NOK1V.HE), as the SVP of its new mobile operating system webOS, a spokeswoman confirmed. Earlier this month, Jaaksi stepped down as head of Nokia’s Meego smartphone platform, which prompted questions about the platform’s prospects. [Reuters]

Sony (NYSE: SNE) Ericsson (NSDQ: ERIC) earnings: On Friday, the Swedish handset maker reported disappointing sales blamed on smartphone component shortages. Still, it posted a modest profit for the third consecutive quarter thanks to the success of its Android-based phones, which now comprise more than 50 percent of the company’s sales. The company’s plans include ditching the Symbian platform and making smartphones based on Windows Phone 7 (but not in time for the holidays). [WSJ and IntoMobile]

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Pavel Nedyalkov

I wonder if the results of Sony Ericsson are always negative, how they manage to throw so much money in the market for such a long time. They have big advertising campaigns and a lot of FSRs in every small country.

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