Weekend Poll: Who Is Gonna Win the Battle of the Boxes?

battle of the boxes

The holiday season is coming, whether you like it or not — and with it, we’ll see a ton of new gadgets and gizmos to bring web video to the TV screen. Apple recently released its Apple TV, Sony is shipping its Google TV-powered Internet TVs this week. Boxee is getting ready to finally deliver its Boxee boxes, and Logitech wants us to pick up one of those Revue set-top boxes. And then there’s the new Roku box, plus a whole army of additional media streamers from companies like Seagate and WD.

Now, we all have our personal favorites. I recently explained here why I pre-ordered the Boxee box, and my colleague Ryan Lawler countered that he won’t buy one. We also opined on the price point of the Logitech Revue and Apple TV’s feature set.

However, all of this may matter little to the folks running down to their local Best Buy on December 24 to pick up a last-minute present. Which is why we want to know: Who is going to sell more boxes this holiday season, and who is going to win the public opinion vote? Will it be Apple, aided by a cheap price point and a few weeks headstart? Or maybe Roku, thanks to Hulu Plus and an even cheaper price? Or will Sony reign supreme, just because people really don’t want any more boxes in their living room?

Please vote on the poll below, and feel free to chime in in the comments!

For more on the battle of the boxes, make sure to check out the program of our NewTeeVee Live conference, coming up on November 10!


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