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First Look Video: TEGA v2 Windows & Android Tablet

Tablets running Windows 7 (s msft) are expected to start appearing in numbers as the year closes, and the first such slate is now available for purchase. The TEGA v2 tablet is only slightly bigger than the iPad (s aapl), yet sports a full hardware configuration capable of running Windows 7 Pro quite nicely. The v2 also has the unusual distinction of booting into the Android (s goog) OS in addition to Windows. This video is a tour around the thin tablet, demonstrating how much hardware can be crammed into such a small package.

The TEGA v2 is produced by Australian company Tegatech, and will be sold globally through partners. The tablet is available for order through the company’s online store. Pricing starts at $799.

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12 Responses to “First Look Video: TEGA v2 Windows & Android Tablet”

  1. The original tega tablet pc could run windows software too but there’s been other tablet and slate pcs with windows out for years and years.

    I’m glad to see you using google chrome on there and not the default firefox.

    I,m pretty sure it has a dual headphone/audio jack and that is the power input up the top.
    Also for any viewers; I believe that is a mini VGA port and not HDMI.

  2. spinedoc

    Battery life?

    Right now IMO there are 2 things which are setting the ipad apart from all the other tablets. They are 1) instant on, and 2) the truly “all day” battery life. While I’d be curious to see the battery life while running Android, I’d be much much more curious to see the battery life running Win7. I’ll venture to guess something that thin will run Win7 for around the 2 hour mark depending on your activity, but 2 hours is probably pretty generous.

    It’s nice, but until Microsoft steps up to the plate and offers some kind of customized made for tablet OS (possibly windows mobile) they won’t compete too far. Yes I know MS has failed miserably with their Tablet OS’, but maybe by adopting windows mobile it will be able to compete.

  3. James, Thanks for the review. A bit too expensive for me, but I like the size and idea. Battery life and just how well the dual boot works are my biggest concerns. Is it easy to select which OS to boot into?

  4. Something tells me HP will produce a better Windows 7 slate that will dual-boot into WebOS. As good as this device looks, it’s only a precursor to what’s yet to come.

    Any details you have for us on the battery James?