NYT iPad App Switch Not Telegraphed Well To Users


Our readers know the New York Times (NYSE: NYT) Editors’ Choice iPad app has been replaced by a full-scale tablet version but it’s not that clear to everyone else. No editor’s note — yet — or any notice when you open Editors’ Choice that you should update to get a new version. And in the App Store update area, a new app name, NYTimes for iPad, appears without any explanation that it was FKA Editors’ Choice.

The grand description of the changes for this massive overhaul:

— Access to all sections plus a selection of blogs
— Photo slideshows are now accessible within articles and their own section
— Breaking News Alets help you stay informed even when the app is closed
— Improved design and navigation.

Plenty of space for a line that explains this is the evolution of Editors’ Choice. Why not use it?

Update: Now that I’ve gone through the process, I’m even more bemused by the way this was handled. We reported that registration would be required. The update wording doesn’t include that warning and the post-update experience includes no warning or explanation — just a registration creation process or a “log in” (if you already have one) link. At one point, all I had was a blank screen. I had to click on the sections icon and choose one to change that.

My tolerance for some of this was a lot higher when the iPad was launching and content creators were on a crushing schedule to take part. But Editors’ Choice was supposed to give the Times the runway they needed to get this version ready. They are going to have to communicate a lot better with users if they want people to pay.

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