DROPitTOme: A Simple and Secure Way to Receive Large Files Over the Web

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Looking for a no-hassle way to receive large files over the web from your contacts? DROPitTOme provides a password-protected, public, web interface to a Dropbox account. It’s a little like Droopy, a tiny Python webserver that allows you to receive files over the web directly to your computer, but while Droopy requires a little effort to set up — and also means that your machine has to be switched on for uploads to work — DROPitTOme is simple to set up and works 24/7.

To get set up, head to the DROPitTOme site, hit the “Register” link and you’ll be taken to Dropbox to register DROPitTOme with your account. Once that’s done, you’ll be taken back to DROPitTOme to pick a username and a couple of passwords (a master password, and a public one that you’ll give out to people youy want to receive files from). Your username is used to create your unique DROPitTOme URL, for example: http://www.dropitto.me/spikysimon.

Once set up, you can give out your DROPitTOme address and public password to anyone you’d like to receive files from. They log in using your public password, and can then upload their files through the web interface; uploaded files get placed into a “DROPitTOme” folder in your Dropbox account.

It’s all very straightforward to use and it works well, although I have to say it took me a few tries to get DROPitTOme registered with my Dropbox account correctly. DROPitTOme is a free service that’s currently in beta. There’s an upload file size limit of 75MB, and you’ll obviously need a Dropbox account in order to use it; a 2Gb account is free.

What services do you use for sending and receiving large files?

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A neat app, but why not just switch to a service like FilesDIRECT, which gives you a free, publicly-accessible dropbox anyway…without having to sign up for another service?

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