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iPad Coming to AT&T, Verizon Stores Oct. 28

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An official press release from Apple (s aapl) reveals that a new partnership between it and Verizon Wireless (s vzn) will see the iPad make its way to the wireless provider’s store shelves on Oct. 28. In a separate press release, Apple also said the iPad will be available at AT&T (s att) stores on the same day.

The big news here is obviously Verizon. The iPad hasn’t been available on any network other than AT&T’s in the U.S. up till now. And a deal with Verizon means that Apple has indeed been working to get its products on the company’s network. It’s almost like Apple is winking at us conspiratorially with the timing of this announcement, considering all the recent rumors about a possible Verizon iPhone 4.

Even if this isn’t an indicator of the imminent end of the iPhone’s exclusivity, having the iPad available on the Verizon network is great news for Apple. It expands the reach of the incredibly successful device further still, and helps explain some of the company’s more ambitious estimates about iPad sales in the coming year.

Verizon will offer three special bundles along with the basic Wi-Fi models, since the 3G-capable iPad uses GSM, not CDMA. The bundles will retail for the same prices as the Wi-Fi + 3G iPads ($629, $729, and $829 for the 16, 32 and 64GB models respectively) but will also include a Verizon MiFi 2200 Intelligent Mobile Hotspot. You can also get each model on its own if you prefer, but you obviously won’t be able to use Verizon’s data. Only one data plan option is mentioned, and that’s 1GB of data for $20 a month.

AT&T is selling the three Wi-Fi + 3G models for their suggested retail prices, and any iPad using the AT&T network gets free, unlimited access to the provider’s 23,000+ U.S. Wi-Fi hotspots. AT&T’s plans for iPad data are $14.99 a month for 250MB, and $25 a month for 2GB.

Apple hasn’t lifted its restrictions about contracts, so neither provider will be able to offer bundles that could defray the cost if users sign up for a longer commitment. Still, it’s nice to see that in addition to network choice, we also get some different pricing options with the addition of Verizon as a provider.

CORRECTION: The article originally stated that Verizon would be offering Wi-Fi + 3G models, not Wi-Fi-only iPads.

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8 Responses to “iPad Coming to AT&T, Verizon Stores Oct. 28”

  1. It’s fantastic that Apple is expanding to other service providers, but I want to remind everyone that Clear’s iSpot would be the same type of setup as the Verizon Mi-Fi, though with the improvement of 4G over 3G speeds. Buy the cheaper Wi-Fi iPad from Apple and the iSpot will only cost $25/mo. You can connect up to 8 iOS devices to faster 4G speeds. The iSpot from Clear should not be overlooked.

    Lucille at

  2. I was looking at Verizon’s site and found this

    The Data Plans will be:

    1gb for $20 (copy mentions it’s, obviously, $20 per GB)
    3gb for $35 (copy mentions it’s, around, $10 per GB)
    5gb for $50 (copy mentions it’s, obviously, $10 per GB)

    Seems like a 5gb cap which is what @fjpoblam mentioned. Seems odd to cap it. I don’t use any where near 5gb but I could imagine that anyone who deals with online video and heavy email could push the 5gb cap

  3. The press release reads differently for me.
    I’m seeing they they are only selling the WiFi version of the iPad and also offering to bundle with the Verizon MiFi for the total cost of an AT&T WiFi+3G iPad.

    Correct me if I’m wrong but this is a bad deal.
    Can’t someone just buy the WiFi iPad anywhere and get a prepaid MiFi or Clear iSpot for $99 with unlimited 4G for $25?

    This just seems like Verizon is sticking its toe in the water with Apple.

    When does the REAL iPad with a Verizon EVDO 3G chip inside go on sale?

    • Thanks Kevin, you’re absolutely right. Correction’s been made.

      And I absolutely agree that this is a bad deal. It’s two pieces of hardware instead of one, which isn’t great for portability.

      Also, you’re probably right that it’s just a deal Verizon worked out with Apple as a prelude to future partnerships.

      • studentrn

        Just as ATT it is going to be selling Ipad’s in store for the profit of getting data users, I think Verizon is going with the same idea. Customers who come into the Verizon store(loyal customers) that have wanted an Ipad, but their loyalty to Verizon or distaste for ATT has prevented them from doing so, will consider the offering that Verizon is proposing. Which ironically, is something Sprint unofficially has been offering since the Ipad was launched. (and that Clear is now trying with the IoS hotspot for 4g only)