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Infographic: How Android Is Taking Over

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Update: Unit of measurement corrected in The Future of Phones.

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Graphic courtesy of Column Five Media.

52 Responses to “Infographic: How Android Is Taking Over”

  1. Looks like someone’s been reading wired magazine articles on how to display informational propaganda ;)


    Although, I actually like Android… The only thing that surprised me is that Nokia’s Symbian OS has such a holding… :O

  2. Does this infographic show iOS as iPhone only?

    Because you should count in iPod touches and iPad as well. Those devices buy stuff from AppStore as well, and should count as well. And with them, the graphic looks different.

  3. The “where are they coming from” chart does not show India. Considering the volumes of phones sold there, I would be curious to know whats the Android uptake like. Personally it seems to me a lot of folks are picking up the different Samsung Galaxy flavors.

  4. Now and in the near future, nothing is going to beat iSO. What happens thereafter is no ones guess. iSO had been a massive success . Android is doing well but its a platform being used by several phone makers as competing to a single maker Apple.Nothing beats an iphone or ipad. It will take a long time to reverse that.

  5. BeerG00gles

    Google is still responsible for Android and you’re all not worried about that?

    Hello. They don’t care about your privacy.

    Good luck with that. There’s no app for that.

  6. FreeRange makes a great point… Verizon screwed up & turned down iPhone… Apple went exclusive on AT&T…. iPhone HUGE success, beyond anyone’s expectations….

    This left Verizon w/ no option but to embrace Google & push Android… Verizon created the ‘Droid’ brand and made a multi-million $$ marketing push… before Verizon, Android was dead in the water….

    Now Big Red is getting the iPhone…. and market studies show that 45% of Verizon subs want an iPhone… and about a third of AT&T’s iPhone subs want to switch to Verizon if they had the iPhone….

    I say with the launch of Verizon iPhone, Apple tops $500/share, and Android begins to lose momentum….

    Don’t get on my case… I have a Droid X & love it… but I truly believe that many who bought Android phones, were VZW subs who really wanted an iPhone, but wouldn’t leave the VZW network to get it (myself included)

  7. FreeRange

    This chart, with its predictions, is absolute BS. When you look at Android’s penetration as a percent of total units by country, it is 66% US, and this is ONLY because the iPhone has been available through AT&T. Second is China at 13%, with other countries with a measly 1 or 2%. Those numbers are about to go down dramatically as the iPhone is released to other carriers in the US and China. Taking out these two countries, Android is really not a success at all. And users are starting to discover that it is not the best option out there as there are too many flavors with varying capabilities of not only the OS, but various levels of quality and capabilities of the handsets as well. Also, the platform is not gaining the desired attention of the best developers for a myriad of reasons. The android hype will be slowing down considerably in the next few months.

  8. The downside to open source software modified by any company is buying a phone from a deadbeat company like lg which is stalling and may end cancelling the delivery of android updates. My phone is less than 1 year old, i am stuck at v 1.5 and promised updates from 5 months have not arrived. not happy with my lg eve

    • onecallednick

      Hack it! This isn’t rocket science. Thanks to and I’m running Android 2.2 on my T-Mobile G1. The whole point of open-source is you can modify the software yourself, or install modifications others have made for you!
      Why on earth would you wait for a half-assed, too-little-too-late update from the manufacturer when you can get a top-quality, latest-version ROM with all the bells and whistles right now?
      you’re welcome.

      • Hmmmm – Now where are those black glasses with the electrical tape and my pocket protector? I need to let my mother borrow them so she can update her android. Fail

        This is exactly why most open source is in infrastructure, behind the scenes, rather than on desktops to any extent.

      • I was actually aware of the hacking option before you mentioned it but thanks anyway. Problem is i need my phone to actually keep being able to make phone calls and work using wifi, etc after the hack. I know the hackers are well intentioned but if you read the posts on open etna their process isn’t exactly ready for primetime. I think I will wait until the bugs are flushed out

    • onecallednick

      @PXLated Seriously? Nerd stereotypes from the 80’s? That’s all you got? If you think only losers hack their phones, go ahead and buy an iDouche. Enjoy being ripped off at every oppurtunity. Have fun making money for a conglomerate that doesn’t think you deserve political apps, or porn apps, or apps that might do something better or different than the apps preloaded. Be proud of the history of violence and human rights abuses this company has committed in pursuit of higher profits. Go, and take comfort knowing that a fool and his money are soon parted.

  9. Neo Vs Agent Smith

    The many Droid clones vs the One Apple in the court yard…

    And the only way they can fight the one, is by making more copies….

    And Agent Smith got his cloning purpose from Neo… The One.

  10. What are some Symbian smartphones? I know there are different levels of SymbianOS, I think my dumb phone runs some sort of Symbian. I can’t remember ever seeing a touch screen or keyboard Symbian phone, I have a hard time believing they control so much of the market.

    • There are some new ones just coming out but the prominent one has been the Nokia N97. It comes with 32GB, touch screen, slide keyboard, built in Garmin GPS and a built in FM transmitter to play though a car stereo. Basically it has more features than any other phone. Too bad it doesn’t use android.

      Nokia makes some of the best phones and they also make symbian. Too bad hey can’t let go of it. Nokia is by far the most popular phone maker in the world but not so much in north america.

    • There are actually a good number of Symbian-powered smartphones – Nokia usually launches over 20 per year. Recent highlights include the Nokia N95, E71, N97, 5800 XpressMusic, and more. These include nontouch and touchscreen, both with and without full keyboards. Nokia sells more smartphones in a day than Apple sells iPhones in a quarter, and has for years.

      • Renegade

        Actually those are quite old phones…N95 came out in 2007 or so and even the latest N97 was a 2008-2009 product. Anyway the new nokia smartphones are the N3 N6 N8(which is the current nokia flagship) .

        Another information is that nokia isn’t droping symbrian but it will use MeeGoo for flagship phones as it did with the N900 Maemo the succesor of the N8 (the N9) will use meegoo

  11. Paul Wujek

    The information displayed is interesting, but the graphic quality leaves something to be desired.

    I think the principal reason for this is that fonts turn out all fuzzy when translated to JPEGs.

    Is it possible to produce these things in SVG?

  12. David Stenglein

    Really cool infographic. The color pallet royally messes up the reading of the chart.

    The graphic is all about android, but the dominant color (blue for gigaom) represents symbian! “Carving out Market Share” Little blue outline of an android. Big share, then smaller share. What? Oh, that’s symbian in decline.

    I love the globe part of the graphic but the confusing use of a brand-limited set of colors kills a lot of it.

    Keep it up though. This isn’t a bad graphic, it just needs some color tuning.

  13. Unless there is a crystal ball somewhere, how can anyone predict 2014 when we have two new contenders, WP7 and MeeGo coming up?
    It is like predicting the OS market share of 2010 in 2007 when Android was still metamorphosing from a Blackberry clone to an iOS clone.

    • Exactly

      Right now, android is like my taste in vegetables. I hate spinach but if that’s all there was to eat, I’m not going to starve, I’ll eat it. The iPhone took the mobile market by storm, suprise and caught everyone off guard. The only thing to eat was android. That may not be the case once there are other options and iPhone goes Verizon.

      It’s impossible to be a prophet

      • This is worldwide not just US and what do you think is going to happen when 100 dollar android phones are released in countries like India and China ? India and China together account for 1.5 billion mobile phones.

      • Bob – I’ll grant you it may do that in those areas but only the carriers in those countries really care do they? I mean, Nokia isn’t exactly tearing up the profits scene servicing that market segment – there’s no money there except for maybe Google search – Ooops, forgot, Google isn’t in China.

  14. UGH! I’m sorry but Android is linux, meego is linux, and webos is linux. Thank you gigaom for creating a bs graphic that divides linux users. We all appreciate it.

  15. That info graphic just made my day – Thank you!


    P.S. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet! Info graphic is just listing mobile telephone handsets. Android runs on set-top boxes, televisions, tablets, picture frames, home appliances, scientific instruments, automobiles, industrial robots, etc.