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France Will Buy Its Citizens Digital Music Worth

Nearly two years ago, France announced plans to help save its news business by giving every citizen a free newspaper subscription on their 18th birthday. Now it also wants to help them buy digital music, too.

Reuters reports: “Under the scheme, French residents who purchase a card – the Carte musique – to download music from subscription-based website platforms, will only pay half the cost of a

One Response to “France Will Buy Its Citizens Digital Music Worth”

  1. In preference, give me bread and gladiatorial games any day! I am guessing a subscription will need to use a robust form of on-line ID to verify who is using the subsidised service – else all and sundry will be chilling-out to Edith Piaf singing to accordion accompaniment across the world. This generous gift to both music producers and citizens is bound to offer more advantage to the state than apparent.