Video: Ultra Keyboard for Android

Ultra Keyboard landscape

The number of apps available in the Android Market is growing daily, and keyboard apps are well represented. A mobile keyboard plays a big role in determining how productive a smartphone can be for tasks involving text entry for text messaging, email and web surfing. I’ve tried so many third-party keyboards for Android that I can no longer remember how many I’ve installed, but Ultra Keyboard is head and shoulders above the pack.


Ultra Keyboard takes the best features of the other keyboards and crams them into a single app that can be tailored to suit the individual user. If you prefer keyboards that let you slide your finger over the keys to spell works (Swype), it can do that. If you like tapping keys one letter at a time, Ultra Keyboard has you covered. All the features you expect in a keyboard are rolled up into the app, and they can be configured to work exactly as desired.

This 10-minute video shows the major features of Ultra Keyboard in action, from the swiping and tapping to the translation of text on the fly. It shows how well the keyboard works in both portrait and landscape orientations, and how the keyboard can be changed on-the-fly to fit particular needs. It even shows how the phone camera can be used with the keyboard. There is a free trial available, and the full version is $2.79 in the Android Market.

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