Camtasia Gets Better Captioning Support

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Techsmith’s popular screencast recording and editing tool, Camtasia, has just been updated; it now includes much better captioning support. Both Camtasia Studio 7.1 (the Windows version of the app) and Camtasia for Mac 1.2 offer new and improved captioning tools, including:

  • Simplified captioning support
  • Multiple language support
  • Importing/export of captions, including support for common caption file formats (SRT and SAMI), and sync with video
  • Ability to search the content within the videos you create
  • (Techsmith’s screencast video hosting site) now has support for closed captions, caption-based video search, and HTML5-enabled mobile device playback.

Additionally, Camtasia Studio gets automated speech-to-text transcription tools (based on Windows Speech Recognition) for generating captions.

Captioning is important in order to create screencasts that are accessible for the deaf, and is therefore vital for organizations that are required by legislation (or will be) to create web content that is accessible. It’s also useful if the presenter’s speech isn’t crystal clear, and is appreciated by viewers who don’t want to have to have the volume turned up to be able to understand a screencast. Additionally, captioning screencast content makes it searchable, so viewers can jump to the sections that they’re interested in, which is especially useful for longer videos.

As well as the improved captioning support, Camtasia also gets some other useful updates, including iPad-optimized video output, 64-bit codec support and integration with Camtasia Relay, a distance learning tool.

What tools do you use for captioning your videos?

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