Microsoft Taps Partner To Build Messenger App For Windows Phone 7


Credit: Miyowa

Maybe Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) was strapped for time, who knows?

As it is, it won’t offer copy and paste in time for the Windows Phone 7 launch in November. But for whatever reason, it has outsourced the development of its Windows Live Messenger application for Windows Phone 7, one of the first times that we know of that it has relied on a partner to build one of its core applications for its own mobile platform.

For this task, Microsoft has entrusted San Francisco-based Miyowa, which has built many Windows Live Messenger applications for various operating systems, carriers and handset makers — but never for Microsoft’s own OS. In fact, if you are in Europe or Asia, there’s a good chance you have used an official version built by Miyowa. Besides Microsoft, the 250-employee profitable company frequently works with other companies, such as Facebook, Twitter and AOL.

In a blog post today, Miyowa confirmed it created the Windows Phone 7 version and that it will be available in November as part of the platform’s official launch. Two screen shots show depict the style of the application to be in line with the platform’s large fonts and black backgrounds. It will not have the stale look found today on the PC. It will support a number of tasks from the beginning, but users will not be able to initiate a chat from the address book.

Miyowa’s CEO and co-founder Pascal Lorne said in an interview with mocoNews that the application will be supported with advertising, but would not say which mobile ad network it would use. In the past, Miyowa has worked with Microsoft, AdMob (now owned by Google) and InMobi. So, who knows, maybe Google (NSDQ: GOOG) will help monetize it too?

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